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The question is valid both for companies and for persons itself. Do few would for example, better if some of the things that make transfer to others, which leaves more time for the vital aspects of your job?. Those who have worked for large corporations or Government institutions, currently know very well that firms can thrive if people escape from what appeared to be a fundamental pillar of security towards the devil-may-care atmosphere of positive action and success. Looking in retrospect from the auto employment towards the world of employment, the different roles within organizations may seem even more opponents than those that are observed in a relationship client traditional suppliers. This brings to mind interesting ideas about the nature of competition. Destructive competition virtually does not exist in a healthy relationship vendor client, making this potentially the most positive and profitable of all relationships. The decision to buy or manufacture begins with the Organization itself. Definitely, the Outsourcing is recognized as a vital mechanism to stimulate local employment through what is known as national links.

The new vendor client relationship is beneficial since everyone shares the same objectives. Venezuelan companies must know to take what the present offers as opportunities, more, on a stage as the Venezuelan characterized by its uncertainty, turbulence, as well as new openings that the national Government has undertaken, and especially your interest in venture into MERCOSUR, where many companies can make use of outsourcing and favor with himin order to participate in an interesting market like that. Be considered, that the Outsourcing in the medium and long term is the way most appropriate providing a service with a multiplicity of requirements in today’s information technology. * Reference: Forums and notes of the Chair of managerial topics of the especialiodad management of quality and productivity, Faces, UC graduate program.