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A title is ” the main identifier of actualidad” and, like so, it has a valuable function. Again, one double purpose. It must contain the suitable key word in each phrase and simultaneously to intensify the interest in the reading potentials. When a person realises a search, the title is the first indication of its interest and simultaneously his first opportunity to force it to that it clicks. Nevertheless, many pages in Internet do not have any title absolutely. Often but the excellent thing is ” Inicio” or ” Untitled”.

Each page must have a title, if it is possible to differentiate each better page since it will give to majors possibilities him, that if for example its site this made up of pages which all have the same title. In this aspect, also it is good for focusing in the content of each one of the pages. Code.org gathered all the information. The labels have a determining importance. It is necessary to put labels between and subheadings that finds in template HTML. This in wordpress is made almost automatically, which demonstrates the importance that it has for his developers. The H1 label is the main thing in its article, and has the greater importance, like the title of a newspaper article. It must clearly transmit the article of the subject for the reader and the main key words for the motors search.

H2 labels are also of importance and structure. To use them to define the subsubjects under its main subject, and to use descriptive key words again. If it needs for the removal of his article to publish with subtitles, can use H3 labels. Therefore, it is for human readers like the robotics readers, is vital to maintain the content of the focused page. ” a subject by pgina” she is one it regulates not written, without a doubt, and is followed by most of the developers of contents. This less has to do with the intelligence of readers (or in species) who with several other considerations. On the one hand, of the motor search ” rastreadores” they have algorithms that tend to work simultaneously better in a concept, and the majority of the human beings works better this way, also. To limit the approach facilitates the task of putting words in the goal description, title of the page, the body, labels and I connect. Finally, if they deal with more a subject necessarily means to use more wordiness, which dilutes to the power of a site concerning all program CATHEDRAL and can influence negatively in the classification. Better to give to these other subjects its own place in the site, this will fortify its site and it will grant authority to him. To the eyes of the motors search, everything what can see that counts. That is to say, an image using the label alt-text not only aid to the invidentes readers and the people who use telephone or navigators text based, also gives another opportunity to add to another description, fortifying the page him for the motors search. No no opportunity can be lost to harness and to define better its content. To always remember when it is written for the motors search, ” to be escribiendo”. To write to write to write. The motor motors search are eager for new features. It is for that reason that you must update his Web site constantly with new contents so that they (bot find) them. This will give more opportunities him to improve positions or to stay arrives in the results.