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Rules For Safe Behavior On The Ice

department of state small boat inspectorate emercom russia Komi Republic precautions and rules of conduct on the ice Dear guys, all you look forward to vacations. You will find time for ice fishing, sledding, skiing and skating. Often, enthusiastic rest and play, you forget the basic rules of conduct on the aquatic environment. Meanwhile, the water does not like jokes, and severely punishes those who disregard safety rules. Annually in the Komi Republic accidents happen on the water. Only from May to October 2008, drowned 80 people, including 8 children. Late autumn.

Increasingly, northerly winds are blowing. On rivers, lakes were first ice. Soon the whole water surface covered with young ice. Occurs during freeze-up. Winter sports enthusiasts are preparing skates – kids and adults can not wait as soon as possible to step on thin ice. But beware! Ice seems solid only At first glance, but in reality it is still too thin and unreliable. Fragile ice can not stand the severity of human rights and breaches. Worth making a few steps when suddenly hear a crack – and you find yourself in the water. Not leave on ice until the winter frosts. NOTE: – safe for humans is considered ice thickness of at least 7-10 cm; – the ice is not durable in the ground fast flow, runoff water and hitting the keys as well as areas of growth.