Technique Ploskovyemochnoy Art

Novice carver who wants to learn the technique of wood carving, first requires knowledge of the most simple truths and basic methods of processing wood into theoretical issues will be easier understand when you are at least some practical experience of art of wood carving. Let's start with the easiest. Take a small segment dostochki type opanelki door, it can be put out of the ordinary logs, and the best of the chocks. If the chock is easy and straight shooting up, then straight grained wood. Ostrugannaya dostochka will be harvesting for the thread, it must be securely mounted on the bench board, it is important not to injure his hand and to carry on a cutter in the right direction.

Used for fixing holder clamps, they can be very diverse: as a vice, clamps, screws, wedges, etc. To start the workpiece can be nailed with two nails at each end, although it is not the best solution. It is better if the reverse side of her young shurupchikami Screw the plywood and the edges protruding clamps to fix to the board or nailed. Small pieces can be mounted on the screws, nakolyushki, which in a thin board and screw the screws acutely sharpened with a file protruding ends, a device to kill bench board, which will easily prick the workpiece and change its position, but this trick can mount used in the invoice thread, when traces of nakolyushek not be viewed. Assigned to the tablets start to practice, knife-cut jamb dihedral grooves, groove across the grain first, then the ramp to and direction of the fibers along the fiber.