Thermal Imaging Cameras

New thermal imaging cameras extend that be GmbH.Sie range of PCE Germany and others to check the solar systems and new thermal imaging cameras for the maintenance of machinery and equipment expand the range of the PCE Germany GmbH. This is always ready to bring the latest equipment to support the consumer in the everyday work with a very good price performance ratio on the market. Needed not only for building anomalies, but also for review of solar plants, for in-house maintenance and maintenance of machines and equipment in virtually all industrial sectors. At the present time, it is known that our energy supplies are limited and thus very valuable now everyone. Thermal imaging cameras can help to make clearly visible insulation problems and other abnormalities of the building. To save precious energy, the corrective actions will run faster.

New models are E.g. The FLIR i3, i5, and i7. Thermal imaging cameras are inspections of equipment and machinery with these cameras for the practitioner site interesting, and can perform security tasks. Because thermography as a discipline is constantly evolving thermal imaging cameras of this development adapt always. Thermal imaging cameras are structurally smaller, easier to handle and of course cheaper. The new FLIR series models belong to this new generation. Due to the very small design, these models offer absolute mobility. These thermal imaging cameras are very easy to use, very well cope with the also people who are not professional.

The portfolio of devices has grown with the new thermal imaging cameras. Used not only for the measurement of the heat leakage for buildings, but very often for in-house maintenance, review of solar plants and maintenance of machines and equipment in almost all industrial sectors. The thermal imaging camera is therefore an important tool for artisans, Bauberufler, architects and experts. Also as a thermal imaging camera helps researchers and developers at institutions investigate thermal properties of products and components.