Water Softening

As the water softening by ion exchange works and protects the household from lime water hardness says how much calcium and magnesium ions in the water are resolved. These two substances form unwanted lime deposits and are deadly for household appliances. Therefore, a high water hardness in the household is rather poor. Because not only household appliances are destroyed as a result, even in the bathroom and make wide scale. On taps, shower head or on the shower walls lime stains can be seen. They must often be removed by extensive cleaning with aggressive acids.

In areas with high water hardness, the water softening by ion exchange is therefore worthwhile. The ion exchange is replaced a conventional chemical process, in which the hardness-forming substances calcium and magnesium against harmless sodium. Reduces the hardness of the water and it no longer comes to lime deposits. So the ion exchange in so-called ion exchangers works is through the hard water a pressure tank, in which the exchanger resin is. This exchanger resin “grabs” the calcium and magnesium ions and for that releases sodium ions. This is the whole secret. Hear from experts in the field like isearch for a more varied view. After a certain amount of water, the exchanger resin is saturated and has no more free places.

It must be regenerated. The regeneration flushed the exchanger resin with brine, which the hardening constituents in the waste water to be flushed. The used salt is conventional softener salts, as you can buy it at the hardware store. The water, which is pumped into the House is “scale-free” and can safely be used as drinking water. Also for the pipes, no danger arises because the pH will not change value. Economic benefits the financial factor plays a big role in softening water of course. The costs for the operation of a water softener are manageable. You need only softener salts, electricity and sanitation. The amount of salt depends on the hardness of the water and the water softener. Not every manufacturer used a so-called spar be salting, with which you can save significant amounts of salt. A water softener with savings be salting requires about 3-5 bags of softener salts for a detached house (with 4 people). These are annual costs by about 30-50. Electricity and water for the operation cost about 15-20 in the year. That makes a total cost of maximum 70 in the year. By the water softening among others saves: detergent lime retardant lime cleaner time to clean energy (since no insulating layer of lime is more in the hot water boiler) alone saving on detergent, lime preservative and lime cleaner covers the operating costs of a water softener.