21 Jun

Press Success

In the Age of Knowledge, talking about the Competitiveness of Enterprises, have to do with different things. However, you need competitive people, which is what a company offers to work on it is the accumulation of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that differ from others can be professional, be updated, to know the new technology, and you what has made significant improvement in your work?. We all have skills, but we must be aware of the need to acquire new skills, because that depends on our success is most important today is the application of values in our conduct, to the extent that conduct ourselves with values, will be the measure of our success, including: Responsibility, to meet our commitments on time and with initiative; Honesty, to optimize the resources we are allocated, loyalty to our company, Integrity, to be blameless people foolproof, for our family and ourselves. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Asaro is the place to go. To be competitive not means outdo ourselves.

For that, we know we must set our mission in life and our vision, how do I visualize in 5 years? How do I visualize me in my old age? How do I want to be remembered?. Efforts should make our own SWOT analysis, this is to recognize our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as to the strengths we can ask why I am very good Press? yen that feature me?, where I have opportunities to reflect my opportunities to excel? Which training opportunities I have available?, as far as weaknesses to be aware of those areas I can improve and finally on Threats to think if there is threatening my stability. Any company in order to be competitive at the level you want, you must have in your company with a personal competitiveness in their workers, and that is the basis for success.

19 Jun

Dennis Howlett Coresystems

coresystems business one during the fairs and events in 2010 with its innovative add-on solutions for SAP was always seen as pioneer of cloud based business solutions. Windisch, June 9, 2010 during the SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando and Frankfurt was one of the dominant issues cloud computing. Manuel Grenacher, CEO of the coresystems ag in Frankfurt was invited to a panel discussion based on existing solutions should demonstrate how cloud computing business in future will be changed by. Not only the moderator, Professor Peter Kawalek by the Manchester Business School, was very impressed by the designs of Grenachers, as this briefly presented the goals of coresystem and their already existing product range. Our added-value apps offer real added value for little money”small companies that use SAP business one, like Grenacher commented. The standardized additional solutions are, as we know that for example of the iPhone apps, easy to buy and can be directly used.

That this really so smoothly works, impressed even the recognized analyst Dennis Howlett. He published on ZDNet blog, wherein he describes the solutions by coresystems as follows *: In the promo video (see), it is clear that the coresuite apps on the Internet for download available and no additional consultation is required. Where have you ever heard that in one sentence with SAP? That the main product-new breathes life into, while it increases the added value. Yes, it is a co-innovation with SAP and deserves admiration. I spoke with a Gartner analyst in and we agreed that much of the coresuite software, is admirable”.

15 Jun

Russian Energy

" The purpose of this application is compiled I postulate that provides a scientific rationale for the practical development of a global hydropercussion energy and new ways of using the earth's subsurface water exchange method receiving from the Earth. Once again, running into obstacles of formal examination, which requires changes in my statements intelligent opinions (TSB – the invention is new and has the significant differences …) and introduce the forms shablonschiny, and later questioned – to say that there is no inventive novelty that I was going to grains for decades. After more than half of my creative materials to be found not only in Russian publications, but also worldwide. The basis of my novelty is the "Gidroflatter" (try to find at least one dictionary in the world). And beneficial use of water hammer energy to 80% is possible only in the engine Tarelkin. For more specific information, check out Pete Cashmore.

Elect me infinitely difficult path in life poor inventor, has been elected to the welfare of mankind for at least the third millennium …. For life is important, only 3 of the body: light, water and atmosphere. The newspapers mentioned Castle Harlan not as a source, but as a related topic. Hammer save the world, I learned long ago, he redeemer of humanity from the nuclear plague, and thermal power plants, which blunt the minds of mankind. I created the paradox of "expired" for years, able to restore the purity of living. But I faced with what used to everything, and break these things stench is not allowed to me. Nobody recognizes my inventions and do not want them to study more deeply, just because I live in the countryside, so I – club, not to know? But I do not want this agree and therefore I stand! And against evil – the good and the creation of putting forward, that mankind in the world was better live! And because their works for 30 years, I imagine, with which all of you and want to convince us that the best in the world No! So, you all to decide to go further than the (fire or water hammer)? I recall that the final product thermal energy is CO2, toxic waste, nuclear waste. In addition, the section and use the ocean shelf, is fraught with consequence – Third World War. In hydropercussion energy end-product waste is O3 – ozone … Think! The author AI Tarelkin

22 May


The time is constant. Goes down second by second and nothing can do will prevent this. Time is a great equalizer. No matter who or what your position is, anyway will have the same amount of time each day, and that is exactly the same amount of time everyone else have. It doesn’t matter if they count as twenty-four hours, one thousand four hundred sixty minutes, or eighty to six thousand four hundred seconds. It will always be the same.

But you can handle it, and that’s what time management is really. Management itself and the events that fill the hours you have, are the basis for all time management books.There are many strategies, techniques and tools to help a person get out of good and all help in self-management.The principle of self-management is consciously controlling his life and the events of his life rather than be controlled by his environment. An important way to manage your time is prioritize and control the events in your life. There is an old story about a teacher who takes out a bottle and filled with large rocks until they fit no more. Then she asked the class if the jar was full and the class responded yes. He then proceeded to take small rocks and release them to fill some of the cracks between the larger stones. Then he asked the class if the jar was full. Now a little hesitant, replied the class than probably not.

The Professor smiled and pulled out a bag of sand and poured it around the large and small rocks. Then he asked the class if I was full. The class responded with great confidence that if. The teacher then took a water jug and he poured it into the vial until she was finally completely filled. This story perfectly illustrates the priority. Large stones are the highest, its priority themes.It is easy to fill the day with water, or tasks of low priority, and never get to the most important things in his life. You must prioritize how will spend its time and highlight the most important things in the first place.

16 May

Used Software Licenses

Hamburg district court bans Herzogenrath clauses in the general terms and conditions of the SAP, the SAP AG has set standards worldwide with their innovative and powerful enterprise software (ERP) 12 November 2013. Doubts about the quality of SAP products do not come from the susensoftware GmbH, she however openly criticised the business model of the group, in particular parts of the general terms and conditions (GTC). Some passages regulate the acquisitions and then other passages of the conditions prevent exactly this use reduces or licenses are sold. Passages criticized the content of the procedure before the LG weren’t all but Hamburg. Now it’s official: for the first time succeeded Anand, to prohibit the use of certain clauses of the general terms and conditions of the SAP. Pete Cashmore is full of insight into the issues. The susensoftware GmbH has the ability to force no longer to use the two passages in the general terms and conditions the SAP by the judgment of the Landgericht Hamburg from 25 October 2013 provisionally. The verdict is not yet final and an appeal is likely.

The regional court of Hamburg has in two clauses of the general terms and conditions of for the provision and maintenance of standard software SAP banned an injunction procedure. The procedure is the claim of the company susensoftware GmbH in Herzogenrath near Aachen to the SAP Germany AG & co. KG (Landgericht Hamburg, ref. 315 O 449/12). The first of the two clauses by the Court to be unlawful includes a consent requirement of SAP regarding the deployment of software (including “the deployment of SAP software require in each case the written consent of SAP.”). The second clause includes an obligation with SAP for the case that an overuse of the software is (“any use of SAP software that goes beyond the contractual agreements, to display SAP in advance in writing. It needs a separate contract with SAP about the additional scope of use (optional) “).

13 May

Tablet PCs

The smart home of the future brings a new dimension of security new change the way communications technologies, as we protect our home new communications technology helps to put a stop to burglars. Recently Steve Wozniak sought to clarify these questions. Cell phones, Smartphones or Tablet PCs facilitate our everyday lives and can be used to protect of our homes and homes against burglars. They offer new possibilities of control of alarm and hazard notification systems and increase so safety and comfort in the private residential sector. Anyone can create in collaboration with his individual safety solution for his home or his apartment security professionals. Thus, it is possible to make that at home everything is alright at any time in the absence of. Networked security alarm systems and apps the burglary and alarm detection technology of today’s sophisticated than ever. Special apps allow a remote control and monitoring this alarm system and other components of home automation, for example can be examined therefore whether the front door locked, Windows closed or Roller shutters are lowered. “At any time and from any location changes can be made and commands” be granted: the system activate, light on and off, roller shutters close later.

The complete control and display of all operating conditions of the alarm system control panel is also possible: homeowners can display the alarm system status information and to recognize where a burglar or fire alarm is triggered or a water damage occurs. Thus, he is able to remotely execute a variety of control functions and to respond quickly to emerging threats. Monitoring from a distance, comfort on the ground discovered an uninvited visitor of the alarm system, the system in addition to the alarm to a designated assisting authority (E.g. a security) automatically sends an alert via SMS on the phone. If burglars in your own four walls are working, the homeowner know early on from the distant decision.

9 May

Bluetooth Marketing

A new trend: information terminals are used more and more as a media service stations for digital content. The kiosk system with touch screen interaction is indispensable in our daily lives. It is used for the display of digital information in the form of images, videos or animations as well as electronic user data collection and media output with connected pressure units. Widely used are ticket terminals, kiosks for browsing the Internet, digital door signs for the display of hours, multimedia advertising steles with changing visuals and displays in public spaces. Several locally-based kiosk systems are networked to each other, can be remotely updated digital information and user data collected centrally. “Electronic information stations are flexible as opposed to print them contacting the user in an interactive communication, provide data and data processing contrary to ecologically sustainable, without a cumbersome paperwork”. A new trend: information terminals are more and used more as a media service stations for digital content.

The Haase & Martin GmbH of Dresden is a specialist in this area and has developed its own kiosk software for content downloads. The content is no longer just so”displayed on the screen, but it can also be downloaded. Users can control the downloads themselves via the graphical user interface. The software enables downloads via Bluetooth on your own phone, downloads on the own USB memory stick which attaches the info Terminal, as well as the delivery of content to your own email address and also the local access via W-LAN contents to the Terminal on the iPhone to be able to transfer the iPad and other mobile devices. In close cooperation with housing manufacturers from the region Dresdner Haase & Martin GmbH offers kiosk complete systems with integrated software solution from a single source. Is best suited to the individual requirements on the design and functionality. The services range from logo-branding corporate design to the implementation-defined policies.

About Haase & Martin: The h & Martin GmbH of Dresden offers in-house developed solutions in the field of new media. In addition to products for the Bluetooth Marketing and mobile marketing, the company h & Martin GmbH, graphical user interfaces for kiosk systems, kiosks and digital signage designed solutions. In addition, the company Web projects and applications developed for mobile devices for the iPhone, that iPad and other mobile platforms. Further information can be found on the Bluetooth Marketing website Mobimat.

7 May

Computer Tool

Therefore, instead of memorizing information, the students must be taught to search and to use the information. These changes can be introduced with the presence of the computer that must propitiate the conditions them students to exercise the capacity to look for independently and to select information, to decide problems and to learn. Kai-Fu Lee brings even more insight to the discussion. computer also can be used as educational tool, not being more the instrument that the apprentice teaches, but the tool with which the pupil develops something, and, therefore, the learning occur for the fact to be executing a task for intermediary of the computer. One another function of the computer as tool is to transmit the information and, therefore, to serve as a communicator. The possibilities of use of the computer as educational tool are growing and the limits of this expansion are unknown. Each day appears new ways to use the computer as a resource to enrich and to favor the learning process.

This in the sample that is possible to modify the educational paradigm; today, centered in the education, for that it is centered in the learning. CONCLUSION psicopedagogo is the qualified professional to deal with the processes of learning and its difficulties next to the child or adolescent, to the adult or the institution, stimulating significant learnings, in accordance with its possibilities and interests. The use of computer in the process of education and learning estimates the technological search of ways and resources, on the part of that if they dedicate to education, with the intention of assisting the pupils to learn of faster and efficient form. Therefore, this professional can and must add the new technologies of information and communication to offer chances that improve the quality of the environment of learning of the school and the courses of formation. The basic idea of the gift and the future is to educate to know to understand better, to feel, to communicate themselves and to act, integrating the personal communication, communitarian and the technological one.

3 May

Achieving What You Want

No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that was created. Albert Einstein. This is one of the many phrases Albert Einstein who helps me to remember certain things and helps me to realize that unless you change beliefs and reality, not be able to achieve what I want. And always remember when I analyze the traffic to my websites and blogs, for example always encounter phrases such as Joe Vitale free book download key download factor free attraction and things like that. And I’m thinking, these people don’t realize that when looking for free books from Joe, being sent to the universe, with all his being, that they are in a situation of need, deficiency, abject poverty, of not being able to buy anything! The harsh reality of this is that not find books from Joe vitale himself gives free (clear they are in English, but, hey this is no problem), and not find them because they don’t have in their minds the set of beliefs that would enable them to find them and download them. And for those that if find free books, in format e-book, they will not get the results that might have if they had bought the book, the reason is that in the subconscious still believing poverty, lack, absolute necessity and impossibility of spending nothing, but also, in conjunction with other beliefs, blocked the law of attraction. Truth that can’t imagine, when you buy books from Joe, the first that I was interested in, and the lei I reread, and I put in practice what I was learning, I could not believe what that well started to change my life, more customers, more sales, more solutions and creativity.

And then other books by Joe Vitale, reached me as by magic, I found them in e-book format, and I found them by chance, because thanks to that buy the books, and put in practice what I read, I started to change their beliefs. When purchasing something, your subconscious mind receives a message that that worth the effort, and if you perceive the value or cost as high, but still implies it, recording a sense of value in your mind, and be It acquires a different attitude to things, which allows your beliefs to change for good. So those seeking everything it free, that everything want you without paying the price, never will see the law of attraction work in your favor, it will not, and why, then see search phrases as the law of attraction is a fraud seeking other losers which socialize or that validate their belief that the secret is a scam fraud of the law of attraction and similar phrases. Original author and source of the article.

2 May

Mobile Web Pages

To get the best performance from your mobile website who opens mobile Web pages, you will immediately notice that the layout is very different from desktop pages. Mobile Web pages are designed especially to meet the needs of the users. Looking horizontal scroll bars in mobile Web pages in vain, as well a blogroll. Here is the ease of use clearly to the fore all other elements must the subordinate themselves, even the page content. While a conventional Web page are mass texts can be obtained, mobile Web pages concentrate on the essentials.

Especially smartphones not suitable for reading long texts, because the size of the display is usually between three and four inches. Who is interested in further information, used for usually his notebook or home PC. Images should be placed at the top of the page. John K. Castle will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Most mobile device users don’t appreciate it if they need to scroll up to media files. A related site: Steve Wozniak mentions similar findings. Meanwhile, there are high-end smartphones, the images in high resolution, easily can represent should therefore be offered a middle and a high resolution, to meet both user groups. Headings and the company logo should also at the beginning of the page appear, followed by the first lines of the text. All of these elements must be visible without scrolling.

The text should be legible so that they must not be enlarged. Many users tend to look at mobile Web pages horizontally and some smartphones to automatically adjust the text size. This function can be changed in the style sheet by a specific parameter. Flash videos should generally be avoided because these can not be represented on some devices. Also, automatically launching videos distract the user from the content of the page. Should best use the space place who wants to build a successful site is on a mobile Web page a precious commodity; This is especially true for the navigation, which is heavily slimmed down compared to a desktop page. All menu items, for operation of the page No decisive role play, be removed. You should be aware, that many users of smartphones operate your device with one hand. This means that the page must be also be perfectly usable if the user has only his thumb at the disposal. Important information should be placed where the thumb can easily reach them, for example in the corners of the display. The size of the buttons should be such that it can be clicked on with the thumb. Large buttons are hindrance when using the page as so inadvertently surrounding elements are clicked. Arthur Ergen c/o online portal service AG

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