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Brothers Grimm

Today comes a lot of different cartoons, as rosiyskogo and overseas manufacturing. Kids delight in klatsayut channels, and parents delighted to have the opportunity to relax a little bit of troubled children. But a good parent if the child position to trust TV? It's much better to sit with the baby instead of cartoons and read a bedtime story that teaches something good and to develop imagination, logical thinking, makes child's brain to work. For example, consider a "fairy tale"> Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish, written by the great Russian poet A. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Peter Asaro. Pushkin, still in 1883 .. Who has not read it all the time our dad and grandma? And all the time we saw something else, invent their desires and ending tales, and sometimes just imagined …

really possible to leave their own children without this wonderful flight of imagination, when things seem enforceable, and all the dreams of easily marketable? This tale based on the Russian tale "The greedy old woman," it also has in common with the fairy tale "about a fisherman and his wife," the Brothers Grimm. In this tale has a distinctive feature – the poetic scale, so that it reads simply, is understandable even for the tiniest babies and easily zapominaetsya.Skazka, like almost all written by Pushkin, is very instructive and will not leave listeners indifferent tiny. After all, if to recall the story, the main idea of fairy tales is that you should not want too many things and be ungrateful, but this idea is at the top of the iceberg. Should understand. To know more about this subject visit Andrew Paradise. The old woman, who wanted a trough, then the house, the nobility, the kingdom and then to become the mistress of the sea, eventually returned to where to start, was left with nothing. Sure, the end of the tale can not be called a happy and cheerful, but when better to think about, we can understand its essence. If poymalzolotuyu '>'> goldfish in early to determine what you wish for, because throwing from one to another or to a good cause does not.

And the fairy tale as anything else teaches young students to realize that although adults sometimes almost impossible to understand simple things. If luck is in the form of a goldfish or something else accompanies us to set goals and move towards them, and do not dream of world domination, because it is clear that this is an unattainable goal too, as old women to become Mistress of the seas. Thus, after reading this story to your child at bedtime, we can engender in his mind the right idea, which takes precedence over many others in the literature in psychology – should define its desires. But in this ruthless and constantly changing society it is extremely necessary information. In today's world, a host of diverse multser

Russian Energy

" The purpose of this application is compiled I postulate that provides a scientific rationale for the practical development of a global hydropercussion energy and new ways of using the earth's subsurface water exchange method receiving from the Earth. Once again, running into obstacles of formal examination, which requires changes in my statements intelligent opinions (TSB – the invention is new and has the significant differences …) and introduce the forms shablonschiny, and later questioned – to say that there is no inventive novelty that I was going to grains for decades. After more than half of my creative materials to be found not only in Russian publications, but also worldwide. The basis of my novelty is the "Gidroflatter" (try to find at least one dictionary in the world). And beneficial use of water hammer energy to 80% is possible only in the engine Tarelkin. For more specific information, check out Pete Cashmore.

Elect me infinitely difficult path in life poor inventor, has been elected to the welfare of mankind for at least the third millennium …. For life is important, only 3 of the body: light, water and atmosphere. Hammer save the world, I learned long ago, he redeemer of humanity from the nuclear plague, and thermal power plants, which blunt the minds of mankind. I created the paradox of "expired" for years, able to restore the purity of living. But I faced with what used to everything, and break these things stench is not allowed to me. Nobody recognizes my inventions and do not want them to study more deeply, just because I live in the countryside, so I – club, not to know? But I do not want this agree and therefore I stand! And against evil – the good and the creation of putting forward, that mankind in the world was better live! And because their works for 30 years, I imagine, with which all of you and want to convince us that the best in the world No! So, you all to decide to go further than the (fire or water hammer)? I recall that the final product thermal energy is CO2, toxic waste, nuclear waste. In addition, the section and use the ocean shelf, is fraught with consequence – Third World War. In hydropercussion energy end-product waste is O3 – ozone … Think! The author AI Tarelkin