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Underground Stories

Buenas, friends! Here it is that the Underground Stories had been finally disclosed! Already the first edition (with limited number of units) of the book is available that I am launching in partnership with more two authors. It is an interesting project, that discloses, through histories of thematic varied in such a way the aspects shadiest, how much sunniest of the human being, as well as strange and also routine events of lives that can be regradas or not. In these constant dichotomies the book is constructed, that I wait, sincerely, that vocs they like. It is a good gift for who finds that literature is not limited to vendidos in the department stores and believes the potential of the independent authors. It answers the email and it knows as to acquire its! Other information: The book Underground Stories is an underground connection between the Rio Grande Do Sul and of the North. They are two authors gauchos (E.P. Freitas and Ivo Avila) and to potiguar (Leon K. Nunes) bringing to tona, in form of stories, its exclusive underground vises concerning human subjects so you go off how much the life and the death in one cheap room of pension, the being and being in a relative and infinite time or simply secretions and odors. Freitas is present in the book with three stories (Room with two doors; Raquel; The second band of the night), as well as Nunes that also appears with three (So fugaz; Cold bleeding, however without ice; Of secretions and the odors) and Avila with four (Thiago, the dancer; Contact; The tomb of the legend; Night to forget). Twitter: @contossub Aproveito to desire to all a Happy Christmas and an excellent New Year