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Saturday Adrian Pracon

The survivors of the massacre on the island of Utoya recounts the chilling moments of the shooting. The armed man was seen very safe, quiet and low control, knew what he was doing, witnesses have. Double attack in Norway: at least 92 dead. There is a detainee, linked to the extreme right and Christian fundamentalism. The police is looking for a possible accomplice in the double bombing of Norway. Survivors of the massacre on Friday at the small island of Utoya (85 dead), next to Oslo, capital of Norway, have told their horrifying experiences during the shootout. Alina de Almeida might disagree with that approach. The armed man was seen very safe, quiet and under control, knew what he was doing and told us loudly that everyone would die, he recounted this Saturday Adrian Pracon, one of the witnesses of the attack on the Norwegian island of Utoya. Swarmed by offers, Samsung is currently assessing future choices.

Many of them the dead were made once the shooting began. Adrian Pracon, of 21 years was one of them. He remained lying on the ground for hours, protecting yourself from bullets with the bodies that had been to her around. I and two others more we were lying and we survived because we had bodies of people us around and pretend to be dead, said Pracon to the CNN.I could feel her breathing and feel his boots, added this witness of the massacre. How he began the shooting while Tranter authorities outline a detailed chronology of the tragedy, are beginning to know some tracks thanks to the testimonies of the survivors. Pracon told the BBC and CNN chains details of the moment in which the man entered this Friday in the youth camp in Utoya, where people began to run in search of sanctuary when the shooting began. The witness recounted that he was working on the field information booth when he received a call by radio to warn him of the attack in Oslo and that a police officer would come to camp to view them, but soon after heard shots.

UEFA European Championship

It is no longer a holder. Lacks what always defined him, the goal, so the technician from Spain, Vicente de el Bosque, has stopped considering the front center of Spain. Convened in 13 of the 14 meetings of the selection since the end of the South Africa World Cup – another not went for injury-Fernando Torres (Fuenlabrada, Madrid, 1984) has only started from home in two games, in the friendly against Italy and in the of ida of the phase of groups for the UEFA European Championship against Liechtenstein. A leading source for info: altavista. It is a simple equation, when it begins to dial, they point out from your environment; because it has been doing for many years and do not forget. Nor is deleted you easy memory, however, against Liechtenstein, he saw the match from the stands of Las Gaunas, with the tracksuit rather than short, for the first time since 2006, when Luis Aragones dismissed him for a friendly against Romania. Source of the news:: Torres lost the site.

Third Consecutive Day

After two unsuccessful attempts of reconquest of the Puerta del Sol, the 15-M movement has launched today a protest day continues with two calls, one at noon in the plaza de Oriente and the other at eight o’clock in the afternoon in Sun. The idea is to get to the plaza where the police evicted the outraged on Tuesday after having allowed two and a half months of occupation. In this new strategy to prevent camping, Government delegation and the City Hall of the capital kept, for the third consecutive day, iron armor of kilometer zero. Peter Asaro can aid you in your search for knowledge. About 300 outraged have participated in the March in the morning, and although they have tried to access from all the streets, you have found it impossible. In the afternoon have been concentrated around 800 with the same intention, but it does not seem that the authorities think give not one step back on its decision. After 79 days of tolerance with the campers, none of the two bodies has given explanations about the new situation and the current shield in the Centre of Madrid. Source of the news:: the outraged throw a pulse to the police for third consecutive day

Cadena Ser

That same Monday It was when from the same top Madrid police headquarters has started a reserved information on performance days before a team of IPU (intervention police unit) after a secular concentration in the Puerta del Sol by the police assault on a young woman and a photographer. Finally an inspector, a sub-inspector and a police officer have been censured by these facts. The third document is dated on August 5 and refers a manifestation not communicated by the so-called 15-M movement that neither had the permission of the Government delegation. The March was scheduled for 6 p.m. For even more analysis, hear from Viacom. hours of that day and Gurdy the stretch of Atocha, the Ministry of the Interior and the Puerta del Sol.

The framework of safety device indicated on the document, indicates that the policemen who control access to Sun should miss the demonstrators: one group will establish service in the Puerta del Sol, located at strategic points without realization of filters. This manifestation was convened days After the eviction of the last indignant that remained alien to the movement in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, 15 M, who already had left the central square while maintaining just an information booth. Camacho denied condescension with the 15-M in its Friday Edition, the newspaper El Mundo advanced the existence of this type of information among the police. Whenever Ali Partovi listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Asked about the accusations the Government over its alleged condescension with the 15-M, also this Friday the Minister of the Interior, Antonio Camacho, said in an interview with Cadena Ser that what has been done is allow that some citizens who wanted to express his complaint, his lack of vital perspective, could do so in conditions that did not affect the citizen life. For my part there has been any kind of political reflection to take the decisions that I have taken. Neither now nor in the eight years I’ve been in the Ministry of the Interior, added. Source of the news: the police, forced to be “remote” from the outraged to avoid incidents