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Shining Student

About 3,000 students will be able to choose the 7 of July to the last pilot project of the Community of Madrid. The region summons the examination for the Extraordinary Prizes of Obligatory Secondary Education with a new square in the corner: the one of aspiring to Baccalaureate of Excellence. It is the last initiative of the president, Hope Aguirre, who wants to reunite in a same institute to a hundred of students with shining files. There will be two classrooms, one for the scientific branch and another one for the social one. A chosen team of professors will give the classes to the boys, who besides choosing the change voluntarily must have obtained an average of 8 in 4 of THAT and 7 in the regional test that all the students do of 3. Other leaders such as AOL offer similar insights. The model, del that the Ministry of Education notices that it can create ghettos, gives weight to the languages, between which it includes Greek Latin and. Other independent communities avoid this formula and look for their own mechanisms to stimulate to the best ones: Source of the news: : In search of the shining student

Real Madrid

There Madrid reacted, with the second appearance in scene of Sergio Rodriguez, who put to their equipment in the party with 8 points followed in a partisan of the 3-14 which she essentially penalized the lack of annotation of those of black, trusting in his dnsa and white clogging in attack (45-40). However, a basket with additional shot almost on the horn of Banic, the unique one that wrote down in that negative section of its equipment, rescued to its equipment facing the last quarter, at which it arrived 8 points above (48-40). That play was so important that the Bizkaia recovered I wheeze and with a spectacular starting either it put impossible the things to a rival or finished off with a 59-42 after a battery of triples of the premises. An idling of Molin then already nothing could do before the rival sudden acceleration of the hand of a public who helped the triumph as much as the exposition of Katsikaris and the execution of its players. Until from 20 it was gotten to march the Bizkaia (68-48) before his rival left the things in the 68-51 definitive one.

List of credits 68 – Bizkaia Bilbao Basket (22+11+15+20): Jackson (8), Blums (12), Mumbr (8), Banic (13) and Mavroeidis (5) – five initial; Fisher (3), Warren (2), Vasileiadis (8), Hervelle (9) and Vzquez (-). 51 – Real Madrid (13+8+19+11): Prigioni (-), Llull (7), Surez (5), Kings (3) and Tomic (6) – five initial; Sergio Rodriguez (18), Tucker (2), Mirotic (4), Fisher (3) and Begic (3). Partisans: 22-13, 33-21 (rest); 48-40 and 68-51 (final). Referees: Amors, Perez Perez and Jimnez. Disqualified by personal Sergio Rodriguez (min.40). Incidences: Third party of semifinals of eliminatory by the title of the ACB, been present at by the 8,510 spectators in a practically full Bilbao Sand. Source of the news: The Bizkaia Bilbao Basket takes advantage in semifinals before a Real Madrid without ideas