TrustTerminal AG Equips Kiosk For Electronic Health Card In

The TrustTerminal AG implements first kiosk applications for the perception of insured persons rights relating to the electronic health card photo terminals of company TrustTerminal AG successfully employ a large number of statutory health insurance funds to collect photographs of the insured. Photo terminals, used in the future as defined the required passport photos for the electronic health card the insured can create easily and free of charge.By the end of the year, over 70% of the statutory insured will keep an electronic health card in hands. With output of the electronic health card, the funds are required to meet the obligations of article 6 c Federal data protection. Energy Capital Partners London understood the implications. Therefore you need to free of charge systems and facilities their insured persons available, in which the insured can take their informational self-determination in practice claim. In this regard even a certain due to the ongoing debate on data protection related to the electronic health card is available at the cash desks Need for action. TrustTerminal AG’s customers are well prepared for this situation. The first funds have already implemented applications on their kiosk systems with which the insured person will get the stored data content with the new electronic health card.

These funds thus already meet the mandatory requirements of section 6 c BDSG, and create the “environment to the rights of the insured” ever again strongly demanded by the datenschutzbeauftragten.Also the already widely deployed application to facial image retrieval has been opened for use of the electronic health card. Thus can the application be used in future also in the photo position in relation to acquiring new customers and thus in the long term provides a useful customer service insurance willing to Exchange. All of the TrustTerminal AG kiosk systems are equipped with an eHealth-BCS card reader approved by the gematik are and therefore more prepared to implement applications eGK-. This also enables the Patient terminal perform the online update of insurance master data in SB mode, as soon as the conditions in the context of the preferred solution”were created for this purpose.